Saturday, 24 August 2013

Complete with Limoncello

The rain continues, as does the beetroot obsession. My sister recommended the Green Kitchen Stories to me a few days ago, for their orange overnight oats recipe - after flicking through it I started dreaming about these Grilled Beet Burgers. Yes, they did turn my kitchen into something from a horror movie (beetroot juice absolutely everywhere, thank god my friends were fashionably late for dinner this evening) but they were worth it. Thinking about it now, my love of beetroot has actually only ever extended to the pickled, vacuum-packed variety - why have I never cooked with fresh beetroot before? What a flavour. Basically these burgers are beetroot, oats and feta cheese ...

(Here's one I made earlier)

... with a handful of fresh basil, and seasoning, and eggs to bind it all together. I really recommend that you head over to the the Green Kitchen Stories, anyway (especially if - or perhaps only if - you have a few hours spare to peruse and drool.) 

I served ours with avocado & mustard-dressed salad & cherry tomatoes & sweet potato fries & red onion, in spelt & sunflower rolls. It was very much a use-everything-in-the-fridge meal, before I go away on holiday. 

My housemates are away for the bank holiday weekend so I had to fill the house with other people instead. So nice to be able to spend the evening with friends - counting my blessings again that I've moved to London. Two of my friends are just back from Italy - cue a very warming house-warming gift which will keep me going through the washing-up (if I can be bothered to tackle it tonight ... too tempting to leave it until the morning) ...  

Nightcap anyone?

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  1. First, let me say that I had to look up what Lemoncello that I have I really want to try it.

    Second, that fact that you can take all of these ingredients and just whip them up into such an incredible looking meal. Everything is so gourmet, especially the sunflower rolls.

    These posts just advertise such an appealing lifestyle. They also leave me drooling :P

    I love them!